Hugh Duffie

Hi 👋

I'm a consumer goods enthusiast who believes in the power of brands to add value to people’s lives. I see myself as a patient and committed brand builder, lateral thinker and connector of dots that not everyone can put together.

As co-founder of Sandows, I played a leading role in bringing cold brew coffee to the UK. My experience as an operator spans brand building, sales, e-commerce, governance + fundraising. Over 6 years I helped take the brand from our kitchen to supermarket shelves but then also faced up to the unpleasant and often unspoken side of cutting losses and winding the business down.


I work with founders, marketing directors and anything in-between to bring focus to their DTC channel and guide them through brand positioning and messaging for conversion, digital marketing and direct-to-consumer channel strategy.

Let's connect!

If you want to catch my attention just reach out or maybe pipe in on Twitter. I'm interested in portfolio entrepreneurship, NFTs and blockchain in general, always up for talking sport and love meeting new people with a similar outlook on life. You can rely on me for kudos over on Strava - I'm chipping away at my 5 + 10km times and have ambition to run my first marathon this year.