Hugh Duffie

Here's my take on the best apps to use when setting up/ running a D2C channel/ business.

I hope you find this useful. All the apps listed here are tools I use frequently, in most cases daily. While many will not, some of the links below will provide me a small kickback as an affiliate if you sign up. If you do end up using something on my recommendation, let me know!

Shopify logo

The best. Always evolving. Use 2.0 Themes for modular customisation across pages.

Figma logo

Leverage templates to keep your creative consistently on point. You should go to your design agency for creativity and to push your brand forward - with new templates. Then your team can use the templates to make the social posts/ sales sheets/ etc that you need. Talk to me about setting up a Design System in Figma for your brand.

Klaviyo logo

The hub of all your customer data and in a healthy account, should be driving ~30% of Shopify revenue.

Tydo logo

Free Shopify mini P&L in your inbox daily.

1Password logo

If you're logging in to various platforms 10, 20, 50, 100 times per day - that time really adds up and a password manager like 1Password can help speed things up. It's also just the best value subscription I have - i'll never regret keeping my online identity safe and secure and I'm sure you wouldn't either. It's even better for teams.

Junip logo

A review platform built by super experienced, really great D2C people. Customisable as you need and integrates where it should. Worth the money.

Recharge logo

Still the subscription platform of choice.

Enquire logo

How did you hear about us? Probably the most important question to ask your customers to know what's working in your marketing efforts. Ask automatically at checkout.

Conjured logo

This is one of the best built apps I've come across from an ease of use perspective. Multiply that by the fact it has the frictionless experience of the big referal players at a fraction of the cost, and you're onto a winner. This should pay for itself almost immediately and is currently my favourite for leveraging referals to keep acquisition costs under control.

Later logo

I always recommend developing frameworks for maintaining consistent content output like 'content pillars' that take the guesswork out when it's time to post. In my view content is about seeking engagement and conversations, but first you have to nail consistency. Planning what sort of content you'll post is the first part, but making sure it actually happens is another crucial piece. That's where uploading content to Later allows you to see a calendar/ social grid view so you can progress from focusing on just getting the content published, to thinking about how it will prompt engagement.

Blueprint logo

Abandoned cart via SMS can perform 2 x better than email. The right message at the right time in the right format can level up your customer comms. What impresses me most about Blueprint is the log-in free subscription management. You get a text 3 days out from an upcoming order and bam, two seconds later - sorted.

Typeform logo

There's no better way to improve segmentation, dis/prove hypotheses and learn from your customers than to ask them! Typeform makes it super easy to integrate with whatever else you're using via Zapier or natively, plus I love the personalisation capabilities and logic jump functionality.

Unbounce logo

Super fast loading, high converting pages - I use as a layer between ad and site, often with a Shopify 'Buy Button' to allow customers to checkout without leaving Instagram (for example).

Loom logo

A-sync means not everything needs to be a meeting.

Viral Loops logo

Referrals for pre-launch.

Gorgias logo

Customer service all in one place.

Notion logo


Roy logo

Brilliant little plugin with a one-time fee, made by an independent developer, and it saves me loads of time with a super handy colour picker - what's not to love?

Builtwith logo

In terms of a ratio between usefulness of a website to quality of their logo... there is no bigger discrepancy. Awful logo but amazing site that really helps suss out your favourite site's tech stack. If you like this you'll love 1800D2C

Really Good Emails logo

Does what it says on the tin. Highly recommend this as a brilliant resource for navigating email design/ copy/ structure/ strategy, all of it! Sign up, save the emails you love to boards, get the Chrome extension!

Thingtesting logo

You're gonna want to get featured here! Great for inspiration and an amazing community. I'm on my way to becoming a Supertester :)

1800D2C logo

A great place to explore the tech stack combinations and stories of people driving the D2C game forward. Also just super smart to scrape this from Builtwith and beautify it - chapeau!

Nik Sharma

I hope you're relaxing with a can of [insert Sharma Brand here] because I'm about to co-sign Nik Sharma's emails as insightful, generous in their value-add and the reason behind the moniker 'the DTC guy' (DTC/D2C - let's not split hairs). Despite having received and read these emails for years now it's the only newsletter I'm forwarded nearly every week.

Twitter logo

Potentially obvious one but if you're not using Twitter and you're running a D2C brand, you're making life harder than it needs to be. So much value given away by people selflessly giving back to the ecosystem every day - and that's before you even ask for help! logo

Worth checking to see how your site's performance stacks up. Follow the prompts to improve or use them to brief your developer.